Why You Need An Apothecary

 Pre 2010, my idea of purchasing supplies for the health and well being of my family would begin and end at a local pharmacy.  I made sure to have acetaminophen (for pain and fever), cold medicine, cough drops, loratadine( for allergy), triple antibiotic cream for scrapes cuts and wounds and the pink stuff for an upset stomach.  My choices and actions were dictated by the western culture and methods of treatment.  It was not until 2010 did I learn about healthier alternatives.  My journey began with a pursuit for healing for my son.  Since then, I've gained an ultimate level of respect for the bounty of curials and correctives available to us through nature. The purpose of this blog is to share some of the information and learning I have gained over the past 12 years to assist you in your journey.  Let's start with the medical terms for western medicine (allopathy) vs. using herbs and minerals for healing (homeopathy).  

Allopathic medicine uses pharmacological drugs (synthetic versions of natural constituents) and other physical interventions (i.e. surgery, radiation, other therapies etc.) to either treat or suppress disease or health conditions.  It comes from the Greek words allos- opposite and pathos- to suffer.  It seeks to treat a symptom or ailment with its opposite.  All other forms of medicine are deemed alternative or integrative. 

On the other hand, homeopathic medicine encourages healing and wellness by examining the root cause of an illness rather than treatment of symptoms.  The term was coined in 1824 by German physician Samuel Fredrich Hahnermann from two Greek root words homeo- like similar, of same kind and patheia- disease, feeling emotion.  In homeopathy medicines are derived directly from plants and minerals.  It is based on the belief that the body can heal itself when the correct nutrients are applied to aid healing.  Two great examples to show the difference between allopathy and homeopathy is how western medicine manages high blood pressure and diabetes while homeopathy focuses on healing and eliminating the conditions altogether.

One of the first steps in pivoting towards homeopathy is to utilize herbs and minerals for healing.  To do this you need an apothecary.  An apothecary is defined as a druggist, pharmacist, a pharmacy or drugstore.  It can be a person or a thing.  You need a person (herbalist such as myself) and to create a space to store herbs for you and your community.  An herbalist can assist you in identifying herbs to aid healing for conditions you are currently experiencing  and suggest herbs to have on hand for common issues you and your community may face in the future.  The supplies you need to start your at home apothecary are include airtight jars, some herbs and shelf or cabinet space for storage. 

I would love to  join you on your journey to healing as your apothecary! I have tinctures, herb infused oils, syrups and skin care candles available on my website and etsy shop to aid in healing.  I also offer tips and information on Instagram (the_blacksence) and TikTok ( The Blacksence).  I also have some shopping lists available on Amazon (The Blacksence) that suggests jars, dried herbs and shelving to build an at home apothecary. Please shop, follow and join us because healing is lit!

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